€2 Commemorative Coins that were Officially Announced and Cancelled or Changed

This topic will cover 2 euro commemorative coins that were officially announced and then cancelled

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Luxembourg 2013 - Change of Guards

Reason? anyone knows?

Luxembourg cancelled this coin to reserve second slot for Royal baby, perhaps by end of this year

Royal baby? is she pregnant?

couldnt instead not announce the national anthem coin?

National Anthem topic is more marketable than change of guards.

As far as pregnancy is concerned, the young couple is seriously working on it.
Kindly wish them success.

if she conceives now she won't have the baby before next year unless in Luxembourg they come before the 9 months LOL

she can be already in 5 month

They couldn't get an official approval for the design that was made... So they changed the theme of the 2 euro commemorative coin. Probably the most easy sollution.

San Marino 2013 was going to issue a coin to commemorate the 50 Years since the Death of John F. Kennedy - countries argued that this has nothing to do with the history of San Marino or the EU and thus San Marino was asked to cancel the issue




Belgium 2013 - Tour of Flanders

reason? anyone knows?

Perhaps to accommodate abdication or coronation of new king


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