€2 Commemorative Coins that were Officially Announced and Cancelled or Changed

This topic will cover 2 euro commemorative coins that were officially announced and then cancelled

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Main reason: Belgium has no need for 2 euro coins. The RMI coin will be issued with a mintage of only 2 million coins. The Flanders coin was cancelled because there is no need for 2 euro coins for circulation. There won't be a second 2 euro commemorative coin from Belgium in 2013...

Like a lot this topic! :-)

Some years ago Belgium announced a 2€ CC fot the re-opening of the renewed Natural History Museum of Brussels. The coin was not issued because Belgium was at the time without a federal governement  (and it missed it for more than one year), so the issuance law couldn't be ratify. Does anybody remember the exact year? I'm not sure it was in 2010 or 2011.

Well, they did issue one commemorative coin each year from 2005, so was that really the reason? I know Belgium was without the government over a year.

There was no govt. for nearly 500 days. The entire 2010 was covered by that period. 100th Ann. of Women's day coin could not be issued on March 8 and was delayed due to this account. That is the best I can remember.

Also Slovak 2011 CC was originally meant to commemorate anniversary of prince Pribina's death but it was later changed to Visegrad Group. There was a similar thing with some Luxembourgian duchess, too.

And this issue was cancelled and replaced with another one (France 2008):

so this is not a fantasy design?

No, I don't think so. You remember forum biblio.org/theeuro? So that's where I got the picture.

yes i do :D

Was indeed the official theme and design! Theme: 50th Anniversary of the 5th Republic.

In 2006 Spain: 125th anniversary of the birth of Pablo Picasso.

About Italy 2010: the theme was never officially announced. It was just a proposal. But they decided from 2010 on, to choose national themes for the 2 euro commemorative coins. And it did bring us a lot of portrait coins... Some nice designs, but I would like to see the more artistics works from 2004-2009. But that's only my opinion ;-) We'll see what 2014 will bring for us!

This was the official design of the Belgian €2 Commemorative Coin which was planned for 2013. Read the document attached for more details (c) starshop



This coin was ready to circulate but it destroyed after french veto

Belgium 2015


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