2018 €2 Commemorative Coins

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Well, nevertheless I was able to acquire the loose coin.


Probably not :-)

All "UNC" coins are the same as the ones in the coincard.

As some people don't want the package around their coin, some have not been packed into a coincard. But most "UNC" coins are actually taken out of the coincard.

The national Bank of Belgium doesn't want to have 2 euro commemorative in circulation rolls any more since the large queues at the National Bank offices for the Red Cross coin in 2014. The only exception was the 2015 common coin (30 years EU Flag). 

The 2016 Child Focus UNC coins have been distributed by the Royal Mint at a higher price than nominal value.

The reasons for queue are that the coins are minted in limited numbers, get finished in a day or two and persons who can stand in the queue, can make good profits on the same day.

These coins should be minted as on demand, as is done by Australia.

But... On demand is not possible in the euro-zone because the European Central Bank is monitoring the quantity of coins. 

As we use less cash money, there has been no need for extra coins in Belgium since 2012. So only a very limited quantity of coins can be minted.

Like Vatican, Monaco etc were specifically directed to mint more of Commemorative coins, can Belgium, Ireland etc not be directed to do that?

Shortage of man made objects is against the spirit of free market and hence EU 

I’m pretty sure Monaco, Vatican City and the other microstates were not directed to mint more commemorative €2 coins. If anything they reduced the quantities. The last few years have minted 10000 to 15000 units per coins which is even less than their very first commemorative coin (Grace Kelly).

Well, I bought it (for €9). I don’t know how the shop acquired it though. Wouldn’t surprise me if they remove them from the coincards. 

It seems like the 2 euro commemorative from Italy - 70 years of constitution is finally available in UNC quality!

The BU FDC coincard and BE Proof version of this coin have already been out for a few months, but now UNC rolls are available too!

Source: https://2eurocommemorative.ie/2-euro-commemorative-coin-Italy-2018-...

Hi everyone,

I noticed that Luxembourg's 2 euro coin - 175 years death of Grand Duke Guillaume I is already being sold!

Source: https://2eurocommemorative.ie/2-euro-co ... aume-I-UNC


I thought it wouldn't come out until November?!

Can anyone clarify this?

Thanks in advance!

Seems like these 3 are the latest additions to the 2 euro commemorative universe :D

- 2 euro Belgium 2018 - Satellite ESRO-2B UNC (both Dutch and French coincards are available)

- 2 euro San Marino 2018 - Gian Lorenzo Bernini BU FDC

- 2 euro Luxembourg 2018 - Death of Guillaume I BU FDC with unique 'Servaas Bridge' mintmark






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