All 2 euro commemorative coins 2019 - updated with issue dates, real pictures and future issues

Please find a list of all 2 euro commemorative coins that are issued and will be issued in 2019.

Please if you have any additions, let me know in this discussion and I'll add it ;-)

Finale of the World Cup Alpine Skiing

Issue date: March 2019

Consell de la Terra

Issue date: 11 November 2019

450th Death Anniversary Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Issue date: February 2019 (Proof) - March 2019 (BU FDC Coincard only)

25 years EMI

Issue date: May 2019 (Proof and BU FDC Coincard)


Estonian Song Festival

Issue date: June 2019

100 years University of Tartu

Issue date: 19 November 2019


100 years Constitution

Issue date: later in 2019


60 years Asterix

Issue date: June 2019 (BE Proof and BU FDC Coincard in 3 versions)

30 years Fall of the Berlin Wall

Issue date: 10 October 2019 (UNC, BU FDC Coincard and BE Proof)

70 years Bundesrat Berlin

Issue date: January 2019

30 years Fall of the Berlin Wall

Issue date: 10 October 2019

100th Death Anniversary of Manolis Andronikos

Issue date: July 2019

150th Death Anniversary of Andreas Kalvos

Issue date: July 2019


100 years Dáil Éireann

Issue date: February 2019

500th Death Anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinci

Issue date: February 2019 (Proof) - 12 August 2019 (UNC)


Coat of Arms of Latvia - Rising Sun

Issue date: 17 September 2019


Sutartines Folk Songs

Issue date: 10 July 2019

Zemaitija Region

Issue date: 10 September 2019


100th Anniversary Acession to the Throne Grand Duchess Charlotte

Issue date: December 2018 (limited quantity) - June 2019 (UNC out of rolls)

100 years Universal Suffrage

Issue date: September 2019 (limited quantity) - December 2019 (UNC out of rolls)


Ta‘ Hagrat Temple

Issue date: 22 July 2019

From Children with Solidarity: Nature and Environment

Issue date: 21 October 2019


200th Death Anniversary of Honoré IV of Monaco

Issue date: September 2019


500 years Voyage around the World of Ferdinand Magellan

Issue date: May 2019

600 years Discovery of Madeira

Issue date: June 2019

San Marino
500th Death Anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinci

Issue date: April 2019

550th Death Anniversary of Filippo Lippi

Issue date: 29 August 2019

100th Death Anniversary of Milan Rastislav Stefanik

Issue date: 6 May 2019

100 years University of Ljubljana

Issue date: Beginning of December 2019

City Wall of Ávila UNESCO World Heritage

Issue date: February 2019

Vatican City

90 years Vatican City

Issue date: May 2019

25 years Restoration of the Sistine Chapel

Issue date: 1 October 2019

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Newest arrival!

Mintage: only 60.000 coins

I received these coins today.

Finland 2 euro 2019 has been out for few weeks, just found on circulation. Not in sale officially, so will be rare! 500.000 pcs minted.


for more information, use the on page translator!

I added a real picture to the list above ;-)

Hi Mika,

I am interested about these Finland coins. Do you have a chance to get some rolls for me?

Poor design .. what is it meant to represent?

The triad of coverment power

Congratulations Matthieu for this very well done and complete recap of the 2019 CC emissions!
It would be really nice to revive myeurihobby!

Thx, that's what we try ;-)


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