The head of the Andorran Government, Antoni Martí, and the European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, Olli Rehn, on the 30th June signed an agreement allowing Andorra to issue its own euro coins as from 2013 - something similar like with Vatican, San Marino and Monaco.


This was the final step in the long process of negotiations, thus, made the Andorran euro coins a reality. Andorra will issue 2.3 million in Andorran euro coins per year. The coins are not yet designed.



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final designs


Does anyone know what the edge of the €2 will look like?  Given that France and Spain both have the same, alternating 2s and **s, that is presumably the favourite.

Has anybody heard anything from in regards to the coins availability? I sent them a message but didn't get anything back.

I finally got a reply back:

Dear Sir/Madam,

First of all, we would like to thank you for your inquiry about the future euro coins from the Principality of Andorra.

We kindly ask you to note that, up to date, the exact official issuing date of these coins has not been fixed yet.

As soon as this date is known, you will find the information in our website

We take this occasion to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Yours faithfully.

Servei d'Emissions - Andorra Mint

they are sending the above standard reply to whomever is writing them :S

some Fresh news from Andorra - in summary it says:

>> The new euro coins from Andorra will not be put in circulation on 1st January 2014 but instead they will put in the first quarter of 2014 so latest by March 2014

>> Government will put a limit on the number of euro sets one can buy

>> All citizens of Andorra will have the opportunity to buy at least 1 set


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The employees at the stand of the Andorran mint at the World Money Fair could not guarantee that this year there will be issued Andorran euro coins, however they also didn't know/ didn't want to say what the problems regarding the delayed issuance are.

That is very interesting, does anyone else know more?  Have they actually started production?

I hope these coins will be issued in this year after all.

Coins were published in the official journal of the EU



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