Coin Migration Monitor: Commemorative coins found in circulation.

2 euro commemorative coins are nowadays more often found in coin collections than circulating as normal cash... Once a while though, a used circulated commemorative pops up in our supermarket small change...

This discussion is a proposal to try to monitor the migration of these coins all across the eurozone.

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yes that is true - it is nice that 2 euro commemorative coins come in limited volumes, however, when issued they should be relatively common in circulation otherwise they lose the scope - then their volume over time will start to decrease naturally by the wear and tear.

Germany 2012 ''Ten years of euro cash''

F mint (Stuttgart)

Found in Cyprus (Pafos) in July 2013

Imagine that Greece 2004 discovole with montage of more than 20 million coins was send to circulation

Nowadays one roll of this coin costs more than 70€

So montage is good when coins are shown in circulation

The 2004GRE Discovolus is, 9 years after circulation, still the most frequent find in small-change as far as cc coins are concerned...

A German 2007 Treaty of Rome (D) of the Muncih mint, found in Cyprus in August 2013. Great condition, despite the 6 years in circulation.

2007  Spanish ToR

Pretty worn coin (after 6 years in circulation), but not damaged...

Found in Pafos, Cyprus in August 2013

I've found the following in circulation -

Germany - 2006A, 2007F, 2008G, 2009J - All in Berlin, the 2006/07/08 coins in October 2008 and the 2009 coin in November 2009

Greece - 2007 (Treaty of Rome) - Not sure where I found this, but possibly in Berlin

The Netherlands 200 years of Kingdom series 2013

Found In Sint-Truiden, Belgium, March 22, 2014 as change

Great find...

I started collection 6 months ago and I did found many more, do you want a list of them ? in The future I will make a picture of every new cc I found and post it here.

Found the following  in Sint-Truiden, Belgium

March 29 2014

as change

ToR 2007 Belgium

EMU 2009 Germany A

70th anniversary of the Appeal of June 18 2010 France

Bayern 2012 Germany F

TYE 2012 Belgium

Slovakia 2014 10th anniversary of the accession of the Slovak Republic to the European Union

Found in Slovakia (Bratislava) in May 2014


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