According to the several sites, there will be once again a common issue of commemorative coins in June 2015. This time it will commemorate the 30 years of the European flag.

See here: http://www.numismatica-visual.es/2014/11/en-2015-tendremos-moneda-d...

What do you think about it?

I don't like it very much since the common issues are producing tons of almost the same coins. Also, there are 12 stars of the European flag on every euro coin so why do we need to commemorate the flag separately?

I am afraid this issue might discourage a lot of collectors from collecting the euro coins.

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the EU should issue just one design with no national variants

Or it should let each member state to decide about the coin's design.

well the scope of a common issue is to have a design that is common to all to commemorate a common achievement. Having different designs go a bit off the scope of minting a common coin.

so in my opinion the best option would be just 1 design with no national variants

it is absurd that we have to have texts in all the languages of the eu perhaps a design with no text would do

Sooner or later, there shall be 10th anniversary issues of each country joining EU ( excluding the original members).
Why not?
Every one likes to make easy money.
Mints and governments would not like to be left behind.
Later, the limit of 2 coins per year would need to be revised.
Numismatists be damned for choosing a rich man's hobby.

the 10th anniversary was last May!

10th anniversary of each new member joining the Currency Union, to show the achievement of EU.

Slovenia joined in 2007 so new common commem coin in 2017
Malta and Cyprus joined in 2008 so two new coins in 2018.

And so on.

After all, the common design coin needs to be highlighting EU themes

no there wont be a common issues to commemorate individual national achievements

common issues are only for EU-wide achievements

slovenia, malta, cyprus can issue a national 2 euro to commemorate their 10 years of joining the euro

Germany and many other nations, has already provided two coins, will other coin minting?


each country can mint 2 national coins per yr and an extra one if there is a common issue

so max of 3 per year provided that there is a common issue

I don't really like the theme... especialy since it's such a weird number. I like anniversaries like 5, 10, 20, 25, 50, 75 and 100 years. I'd rather see a new coin commemorating the individual EU or international treaties (rights of children and such) or the creation of a EU body or births of the EU founding fathers. And also the common coins are comming out too often each 2 or 3 years...

I also don't like very much the common issues. I'm also afraid it discourage collectors, once it is already happening since each country is issuing a second commemorative 2€ coin.

I wasn't a fan of common issues, but recently I started to collect them. I support this issue in particular because it will commemorate the very emblematic symbol of our Union which we should celebrate (nay sayers, I heard your argument ad nauseum...). I 've seen it written somewhere that perhaps each state minting the coin should also be represented by the country's flag together with the twelve star flag. That would be a great issue.


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