my name is Bárbara and I'm new here. I've collected coins since I was little, but only now have I begun to organize and catalogue my collection.

I would like to know, how you guys store your coins. In envelopes or little boxes? Idk

I've been using little envelopes that you can't open once you close. They are very good, but they have one great disadvantage: you can't see the coin's edge. So how do you do it? Can you give some suggestions?

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Hi Barbara

I would like to swap some coins with you. Please can you send me your doubles and need list to my email

Thank you


Hi there Barbara,

Your question is certainly an interesting one. There are of course many options to store your coins. I myself use two different methods for storing my euro coins depending on the family. For the regular coin sets of all countries I use tablets like this one:For the 12 countries which were in the eurozone when the currency were introduced I used essentially one big "tablet" called Euro Collector. It was produced by University Games. For all the other euro countries which used euro coins since 2002 and joined later or issued new series when their head of state changed I use the above tablets. I store them in album paired per two in protective sleeves. The picture tablet is blank but they also exist with the designs of the different national sides of the coins and with a description of the coins printed on them.

On the other hand, I store my €2 commemorative coins in protective capsules in an album designed to hold €2 coins in capsules. The albums also contain sheets with images of the different coins. The only coins I don't put in the album are the €2 coins from the micro states. These are only available in coincards or official blisters (save for the Monaco ones) and are stored like that.

That's how I do it. I hope this has given you some helpful ideas for organizing your own collection.

It has. Thank you very much for your reply, Thomas

Hi Barbara.

I store my conmemorative coins in:

- capsules in a

- album with hollows with a bubble shape.

I send you some photograh with my coins.


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