Hello, everyone! I am new in "My Euro Hobby". I am from Estonia.

Right now I can only offer Finnish 2 Euro coin "Helene Schjerfbeck" (year 2012) to swap.

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Hi Juri! I also just started here. Do you have 2-3 coins from Helene or the 30years European flag from Estonia ? I can offer cc coins from Austria and from Luxemburg.

Hi! "Helene Schjerfbeck" is the only coin I can offer right now, cause I already have one in my collection. From Austria I already have "10 years of Euro" CC and from Luxemburg I don´t have any CCs :)

Hi! I would like to swap, but one coin is too less (because of shipping costs). Contact me when you have 2-3 coins.:)

Hello Juri!

I am a collector friend of EuroHobby website and I am looking for the following UNC (uncirculated) Estonian 2€ commemorative coins:
  • UNC 2015 ESTONIA (30 years of European Union Flag);
  • UNC 2016 ESTONIA (Paul Keres);
  • UNC 2017 ESTONIA (Estonian's road to independence).
I have got the following UNC coins to swap:
  • UNC 2012 PORTUGAL (Guimarães) - only 1:2
  • UNC 2014 PORTUGAL (Carnation Revolution)
  • UNC 2014 PORTUGAL (Family Farmer)
  • UNC 2015 PORTUGAL (Red Cross)
  • UNC 2015 PORTUGAL (Timor)
  • UNC 2015 PORTUGAL (30YEUFlag)
  • UNC 2017 PORTUGAL (P.S.P.)
  • UNC 2017 PORTUGAL (Raul Brandão).
If you are interested, please contact me:
Best regards.
João Vieira Gomes

Hello, my name is Bert van Leeuwen and I am living in the Netherlands.

I am looking for Latvija-2 Euro coins CC, preferable in CIRCULATED quality.

If I cannot find a solution I will accept UNC coins.

If you send me an email I can send to you my list of duplicated 2 Euro coins.

Especially Eesti 2016(Paul Keres) is missing and also the coins of Latvija 2015(president of the European Union-2015(Blackbird)-2016(Brown Cow)-2017(Latgale) and 2017 Kurzeme.

Of course I am also interested in all the 2018 coins of the Baltic States.

And also a lot of coins from Finland are interested for me.

If there is an interest to swap 

Email adres: bert@dircd.com


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