Hi there! My name is Manu and I am Spanish. I have collected circulated euro coins for two years and a week ago I found this webpage. My collection is small since I don't have a way of getting lots of coins (only the coins that I receive in daily transactions and asking my family and friends to save some interesting coins they see), so I think that swapping coins with other collectors around Europe can be the next step to make my collection bigger.

I collect euro coins from all countries and all years (including 2€ commemorative coins), all of them in circulated quality (I am not interested in buying coins). I can offer regular coins of Spain (almost every year) and also some 2€ commemorative coins. I leave a link with my collection so you can check what coins I have or not:


Please, feel free to contact me if you need any further information. My email is 11manuelnavarrogarcia11@gmail.com

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Better if you give us your double list also.

Best regards


In the following file you can find my swap list. All of the coins are Spanish. 


hi, i wrote you 


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