Hey my colleagues,

I'm from Mallorca and I came back to swapping coins.

I'm looking for the following coins:

2007 ToR: Slovenia

2009: Luxembourg 

2011: FInland, Portugal

2012: Spain

2013: Spain

2014: Belgium Red cross

And my double coins list is the next one:

2004: Italy x4, Greece x2

2005: Spain x4, 

2006: Germany (J, J, G, G), Belgium, Italy x4

2007: Germany (D, D, D, F, F), 

2007 ToR: Germany (G, D, D, D, D, D), Austria, France x4, Spain x6, Belgium, Ireland,

2008: Germany (F, F, F, G), France x4,
2009: Germany (J, D, A), 7

2009 EMU: Germany (J, F), Slovakia, Spain x12, France x2, Netherlands,  

2010: Germany (G, J), Spain, France x4, Italy,
2011: Germany (F, F, F, F), France x2, Spain

2012: Germany (J, G), Belgium, Italy, 

2012 TYE: Germany (J, J, J), Austria x2, Spain x4, France x2, Italy, 

2013: Netherlands, Spain, France Elisee

2014: Spain Gaudí x2, Spain kings x3, Germany (D), 

2015: Germany 2015 (D, D, D), France, 

2016: Austria, France World cup,

2017: France,

2018: France x2, 

You can also contact me by mail ssalasserra@gmail.com

I hope we will swap! 

Best regards,


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hi ! do you want to give a look to my swap list ? i have also non commemorative coins, in case contact me at francescop12345@gmail.com


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