Hi !  I am looking for swaps of Euro coins ! Anyone interested, we can share our lists! Looking Forward!

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Hi niko

I have some cc and regualrs to swap diferents countries. Can you send me your doubles and need list to my email please

Thank you


Hello, I am new here and in my opinion I have some unusual coins, but do not know is it worth anygthing more than it value

Not very unusual my friend. Just regular coins from different countries

Maybe, just some of them I have not seen before :)

I have all of them many times

I´m interested, could you please send me your offer/search list to evelynka86@gmail.com?
Eva, Slovakia.

Hello, my name is Bert van Leeuwen and I am living in the Netherlands. There are two Greek coins I searching, i.e. 2013(Crete) and 2016 (Arkadi). I am also looking for Aa French coin of 2013(Pierre de Coubertain) and some Malta coins. Almost all coins are in circulated quality and some UNC.

Maybe there is a possibility to swap and if you want I can sent you my lists.

You can always reach me on email: bert @dircd.com

pls send me your doubles list at :


Can you send me your list to e mail listed bellow?


Greets Alen

Hi, im interested in swaping. I have both conmemorative from spain 2018 and some others. Send me an email: sergiolazaroesp@gmail.com

Hey Nikotian

Check my swap list in my profile and see if you need any.

Best regards,

David Silva


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