Hello, my friends!

I would like to inform you that I have the following UNC 2€ commemorative coins to swap:

UNC 2010 PORTUGAL (Centenary of Portuguese Republic);
UNC 2012 PORTUGAL (10 years Euro);
UNC 2012 PORTUGAL (Guimarães);
UNC 2013 PORTUGAL (Clérigos Tower);
UNC 2014 PORTUGAL (Revolution);
UNC 2014 PORTUGAL (Family Farming);
UNC 2015 PORTUGAL (Red Cross);
UNC 2015 PORTUGAL (Timor);
UNC 2015 PORTUGAL (30 years European Flag);
UNC 2017 PORTUGAL (Public Security).


If someone is interested, please contact me through the following e-mail address:


Best regards.

João Vieira Gomes

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