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Antti Iivari
Euro coin swap list :
Please send swap offers to: titan . iivari @ gmail . com (without whitespaces)

FIN 2017 (nature): opened roll with 21 coins remaining    (trading primarily to low mintage coins, ~0.5M)
FIN 2016 (wright): opened roll with 22 coins remaining
FIN 2015 (flag): opened roll with 19 coins remaining    (trading primarily to low mintage coins, ~0.5M)
FIN 2015 (sibelius): opened roll with 20 coins remaining
FIN 2011 (bank 200y): opened roll with maybe 13 coins remaining
BEL 2015 (flag): 2
cyp 2017 (Paphos): 1
CYP 2012 (EMU): 1
LAT 2017 (Kurzeme): 1
LAT 2017 (Latgale): 1
LTU 2015 (flag): 1
LUX 2005 (henri 50y): 1
LUX 2011 (jean 50y): 1
POR 2017 (security): 2  (trading primarily to low mintage coins, ~0.5M)
POR 2011 (pinto): 1   (trading primarily to low mintage coins, ~0.5M)
SLV 2011 (rozman): 1
SLV 2017 (euro 10y): 1

2004 (special trades only, make an offer): 5
2005 (United Nations, "Dove"): 4
2006 (Equal sufrage, "Masks"): 15
2007 (Independence, "Rowing boat"): 14
2007 (ToR): 4
2008 (Human Rights, "Heart"): 5
2009 (Porvoo): 18
2009 (EMU): 13
2010 (Own currency, "Lion"): 21
2011 (Bank of Finland, "Swan"): 11
2012 (Schjerfbeck): 20
2012 (TYE): 23
2013 (1863): 18
2013 (F.E.Sillanpaa): 22
2014 (Jansson): 20
2014 (Tapiovaara): 13
2015 (Sibelius): 11
2015 (Gallen-Kallela), (trading only to low mintage coins, ~0.5M): 6
2015 (Flag), (trading only to low mintage coins, ~0.5M): 2
2016 (Leino): 28
2016 (Wright): 21
2017 (Independence, "map"): 51
2017 (Nature): 1

AUT: 2005:1, 2016:2
BEL: 2005:2, 2008:2, 2011:2
EST: 2016:2, 2017:3
FRA: 2008:3, 2010:3, 2011:3, 2013(treaty):3, 2017(rodin):3
GER: 2006:2, 2007:3(A,D,D), 2008:2(D,F), 2009:4(D,D,F,F), 2010:3(D,D,F), 2011:5(A,D,F,G,G,J), 2012bayern:2(F), 2013baden:2(A,D,D), 2014niedersachsen:2(F,J), 2015unity:2(D,D,J), 2015hessen:3(D,D,D), 2016sachsen:2(D,J), 2017rheinland:1(D)
GRE: 2004:7, 2010:1, 2013(plato):1, 2014(ionian islands):3
ITA: 2004:3, 2005:5, 2006:6, 2008:1, 2013(boccaccio):4, 2016(donatello):2
LAT: 2014:1
LUX: 2004:1, 2011:1
MON: 2013:4
NED: 2011(erasmus):4, 2013(queen beatrix):3, 2014(farewell):2
POR: 2016(ponte):1
SLK: 2015(ludovik stur):1
SLV: 2013:1, 2017:1
SPA: 2005:1, 2013:1

2007 TOR: AUT:3,BEL:2,FRA:2,GER:2,IRL:4,NED:4,SPA:2
2009 EMU: BEL:1,FRA:2,GER:2,GRE:3,IRL:1,NED:1,SPA:2
2012 TYE: BEL:1, EST:10, FRA:1, GER:3, SLK:1
2015 FLAG: GER:2, ITA:1, NED:1

Andorra regular coin, UNC 2015 2E: 1 (mintage 0,24M)
Andorra regular coin, UNC 2016 1E: 1 (mintage 35K)
Andorra regular coin, UNC 2014 50c(0,5M):1, 20c(1M):1, 10c(1M):1, 5c(1M):1
Andorra regular coin, circulated 5c 2014 (1M):1
Monaco regular coin, circulated 2E 2012: 3 (1,08M)
Monaco regular coin, circulated 1E 2014: 1 (1M)
San Marino regular coin, circulated 2E 2016: 1
San Marino regular coin, UNC 1E 2009: 1 (1,159M)

Finland 5E coin 2011, Lappi: 8
Finland 5E coin 2011, Ahvenanmaa: 5
Finland 5E coin 2011, Pohjanmaa: 1
Finland 10c,opened   roll of UNC coins: 1999: maybe 8 pieces
Finland 5c, opened   roll of UNC coins: 2000: maybe 15 pieces
Finland 2c, unopened roll of UNC coins: 2003
Finland 2c, unopened roll of UNC coins: 2004
Finland 2c, unopened roll of UNC coins: 2005
Finland 1c, unopened roll of UNC coins: 2003
Finland 1c, unopened roll of UNC coins: 2004
Finland 1c, opened   roll of UNC coins: 2005: 25 pieces (opened to see the year)
Greece 1c coins, opened roll of UNC coins: 2002: maybe 20 pieces
Greece 2c coins, opened roll of UNC coins: 2002: maybe 15 pieces

AVAILABLE FOR SWAPPING: Regular finnish euro coins, all circulated.
Coins with mintage volume more than 1.x M not listed, please ask if you need any specific coins.
1999: 2c:5,  mintage:1,785M
2002: 10c:4, mintage:1,499M
2003: 5c:1,  mintage:0,79M
2005: 5c:1   mintage:0,8M (blackened condition)
2005: 20c:1, mintage:0,8M
2006: 10c:1, mintage:1,0M
2006: 20c:3, mintage:1,0M
2006: 1e:2,  mintage:1,705M
2007: 20c:5, mintage:1,0M
2007: 50c:2, mintage:1,0M
2007: 1e:2,  mintage:1,0M
2008: 20c:6, mintage:1,0M
2009: 10c:1, mintage:1,0M
2009: 20c:3, mintage:1,0M
2010: 5c:1,  mintage:0,8M
2010: 10c:1, mintage:0,8M
2010: 20c:1, mintage:0,8M
2010: 50c:1, mintage:0,8M
2013: 50c:1, mintage:0,4M
2013: 2e:1,  mintage:0,9M
2014: 2e:4,  mintage:0,2M
2015: 2e:2,  mintage:0,2M
2016: 1e:2,  mintage:0,2M
2016: 2e:7,  mintage:0,2M (total 2E 2016 = 2,2M. CC part: 1M + 1.0M. Regulars: 0,2M)
2017: 5c:2   mintage:0,1M (assuming)
2017: 2e:1   mintage:0,1M (assuming)

Source: Bank of Finland,
Source for 2017 mintage:
Note: By default swapping rare mintage (0,5M and below) coins only to low mintage coins.


[WANTED coins in square brackets = swap ongoing, not needed anymore]

Giving priority to offers with UNC coins.
Need 1 of each.

All coins needed

FRA Breast cancer
GRE Phillippi
ITA Titus
LUX Guillaume
MAL Peace

BEL Croix Rouge
MAL Independence

2012 TYE:
San Marino

Monaco, San Marino, Vatican, Andorra: any except MON 2013, SANM 2010.

These coins I want only in UNC condition, as I already have circulated:

FRA: 2012(l'abbe pierre)
GER: 2006(schleswig-holstein), 2013(traite de l'elysee), 2015(hessen)
ITA: 2012(pascoli), 2014(carabinieri)
NED: 2013(queen beatrix)

2007 TOR: ITA
2012 TYE: GRE

WANTED: regular euro coins:
Need 1 of each, any year is ok.
LTU full set, UNC only.
Andorra: 2c, 1c
San Marino: 10c
Monaco: 50c, 20c, 10c, 5c, 2c, 1c
Vatican: 2e, 1e, 20c, 10c, 5c, 2c, 1c

WANTED: 5E coins:
Finland 5E coin 2011, Varsinais-Suomi: need x2

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At 18:45 on February 24, 2019, Ramunas said…


Looking for swap 2€ commemorative UNC coins.
All Euro countries are welcome!
Swapping 10 to 10 (100g) or 55 to 55 UNC (500g) coins.
OR 8 rolls to 8 rolls (2kg). Or - discuss!
Registered parcel or insured - Always!
Offering Lithuanian, Latvian coins (2€ rolls, UNC sets, BU sets, cards, etc).
Future 2019 rolls..

Also looking partners, sellers, dealers who want swap rolls/cards/sets, or want to sell or buy.
Write me, and if your price will be good - maybe I will buy. Or we will be partners in the future.
Please, send list with prices. I DONT HAVE WANTED LIST.

P.S. I have 250+ UNC 2€ coins for sell, coincards, sets, etc..

MY EMAIL: coins{eta}proof{dot}lt

At 19:08 on November 18, 2018, João Frade said…
Can you get roles from National Bank?
I can send to you at bank price roles from Portugal or single UNC coins ( 2 euros each).
I not a business collector i am an amateur collector who try to swap with not business collector 2 euros commemorative coins.
Hope we can swap!
Kind regards
At 16:18 on May 23, 2018, David Silva said…

Hey Anti

I have the new Portugal 2018's coin ("Portugal Mint"), are you interested in swap?

Best regards,

David Silva

At 9:21 on January 22, 2018, Gewrgios Spyropoulos said…

"hi, I am from Greece and I have Greek coins to swap..I am interested for your coins in your country..My mail is Regards Giorgos Spyropoulos"

At 10:38 on January 21, 2018, Cyril Hyriak said…


I should be interested in Finland coins.

If you have to exchange. My swap coin in my profile site.

I have 2018 Slovak UNC.

Please send me an email:

At 23:28 on December 9, 2017, Vladimír Šarčevič said…

Hi Antti Iivar

my name is Vlado and I am from Bratislava in Slovakia.

I need swap partner from Finland.

Please can you help me ?

If yes please contact me in message or email:

Regards Vlado

At 19:50 on June 9, 2017, hugo van de weijer said…

Dear Antti Iivar,

I have the next coins for you, if you want to shop you can send me a e-mail to 


2012 75e birthday queen  elisabeth





EU flag


At 16:51 on June 6, 2017, Toni Mañané said…

pls indicame  what I can  rate you

best regards

At 16:07 on May 6, 2017, Javier said…
Javier said…
Im Javier from Spain and I would like to swap some Finnish coins with you. Can you send me your doubles and wanted coins to my email please?
I need regulars by years and cc
I have some dificult coins as 2 cents Monaco 2001 and a lot of others
Thank yOu
At 18:52 on March 19, 2016, Jesus said…

Hi, Fredrik

I m Jesus from Spain.

Do you need any conmemorative or regular coin?

I have got Spain 2016 Acueducto Segovia

Spain 2014,2015,2013,.....

France 2008,2010, 2015...

Belgium 2015,....

Portugal 2013,2014,2015

Austria 2016

I will need some conmemorative from Finland (Eu Flag), 

Can you help me?

My email is

Best Regards


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