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Coin Gaming App for iPhone/iPad / Win the Monaco 2013 2€CC

Today something different for you: Do you like coins? Do you like games? Then this is something for you...

A Nerd's Game is a mind-blowing math quiz for iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch.

There are 99 levels to show your math skills and find out if you are really a nerd. 14 levels are dedicated…


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So Many Euros: Version 3.0.0 released

Today the new version (3.0.0) of the Euro coin collecting software So Many Euros was released.


New features:


1) New 2 euro commemorative coins 2011

This version includes this year's 2 € commemorative coin issues of Belgium, Greece, Italy, San Marino, Slovenia, and Spain.



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Germany terminates issue of 10€ BU silver coins

Due to the silver price ralley German Ministry of Finance announced that the issue of 10€ silver coins (Ag 625, Cu 375) in BU quality will be terminated.

In the future 10€ coins in BU quality will be issued in copper/nickel.


Only the 10€ coins in Proof quality will still be issued in silver (Ag 625, Cu 375). This change became necessary because the…


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New version of Euro coin collecting software "So Many Euros" released.

So Many Euros is the software for all Euro Coin Collectors. It contains all circulation coins from 1 Cent to 2 Euro and the popular 2 Euro commemorative coins. All countries (also Cyprus, Malta, Slovenia and Slovakia), all different sets (eg Vacant Papal See from the Vatican), all years and all stamping places are supported, all together more than 1,660 variants.

So Many Euros - Deluxe Edition is a digital collector´s box… Continue

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