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€2 "30 Years of the EU Flag"

In July 2015, the 19 euro-area countries will jointly issue a commemorative euro coin to celebrate 30 years of the EU flag. Regardless of which country issues the coin, it will bear the same design on the national side, normally reserved for a motif specific to that country.

This is the fourth time the…


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30 Years of EU Flag - Vote Now

The European Commission is giving you the opportunity to vote for the design which will appear on the 2 euro commemorative coin "30 years of EU Flag" that will be issued throughout the whole eurozone later this year. Go here to vote for the design that you refer the most…


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New €20 Banknote from Europa Series

On 24 February 2015 Mario Draghi, President of the ECB, unveiled the new €20. This new banknote will start circulating on 25 November 2015. It is the third banknote of the Europa series to be launched after the new €5 and €10. The other…


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France €2 "70 Years of Peace in Europe"

For the first time, a 2 euro commemorative coin will make part of the Europa Star Programme.

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Lithuania Adopts the Euro

Lithuania has just adopted the euro and became the 19th member of the eurozone!

Welcome Lithuania!

Welcome Lithuanians to euroHOBBY!

image source…


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Andorra €2 "20 Years in the Council of Europe"

Andorra will issue a 2 euro commemorative coin dated 2014 to commemorate its 20 years in the Council of Europe. The coin will be issued in March 2015.



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Lithuania Euro Coins are now Available

Yesterday, 1st December 2014, euro starter kits containing all the denominations of the Lithuanian euro coins were made available to the public. Lithuania will adopt the euro on 1st January 2015 and these coins cannot be used for purchasing before this date... but collectors can start swapping these coins!

Lithuania welcome to the eurozone! Lithuanians…


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Eurozone Standard Coins Poster

(c) Gerd Seyffert

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Spain New Standard Coins

Spain has updated the design of the Spanish national face of the 1 and 2 euro coins to be produced from 2015 in order to illustrate the change in the position of the Head of State. 1 and 2 euro coins from previous years featuring the old Spanish national face will remain valid. The designs on the other denominations remain unchanged.

Date of…


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Spain €2 2015 "Cave of Altamira"

Subject of commemoration :

Unesco’s World Cultural and Natural Heritage Sites — Cave of Altamira…


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Finland €2 "100 Years since the Birth of Ilmari Tapiovaara"

The designer and interior decorator Ilmari Tapiovaara (1914–1999) ranks amongst the most influential figures in Finnish design. He is remembered for work such as the Domus and Mademoiselle chairs. 
Tapiovaara was the first Finnish designer to participate in international development cooperation. The Ilmari Tapiovaara special coin is designed by…

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Italy Galileo Galilei €2 Minted!

Description: The design shows the head of Galileo Galilei from the painting of Justus Sustermans, 1636 (Florence, Galleria degli Uffizi); around, upside, GALILEO GALILEI; on the right, superimposed letters R (monogram of the Mint of Rome)/astronomic telescope/ C.M. (monogram of the Author Claudia Momoni); on the left, superimposed letters of the Italian Republic…


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Latvia €2 "Riga – European Capital of Culture 2014" Just Out

Latvijas Banka issues the very first 2 euro coin of special design "Riga – European Capital of Culture 2014". It is legal tender in the Republic of Latvia and the…


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Lithuania to adopt euro on 1 January 2015

The Council today adopted a decision allowing…


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Lithuania starts minting euro coins

The Lithuanian Mint started making Lithuanian 1-euro coins today. The Lithuanian Mint plans to being mass production of euro coins later this summer, following the EU Council’s final decision on euro adoption in Lithuania on 23 July. Before that, the…


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Malta BU Set 2014 and €2 Commemorative Coin with Mint Mark

The Central Bank of Malta has issued a new euro coin set dated 2014, incorporating the eight Maltese euro coins, designed by Noel Galea Bason. The set also includes a €2 commemorative coin, commemorating the 1964 Independence Constitution which was adopted in September of that year when Malta acquired its independence from…


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Lithuania to Adopt the Euro on 1st January 2015

The European Commission has today released its 2014 Convergence Report, which assesses Lithuania's readiness to join the single currency. It gives a thumbs up for Lithuania and now it is almost sure that on 1st January, Lithuania will become the 19th eurozone country. The…


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