Malta Euro Coins "Rolls of Malta €2 Commemorative Coin 2011" Just Out

Hundreds of people queued outside the Central Bank of Malta

In few hours all the items were Sold Out as can be seen on the Bank's Website




Malta today issued the long awaited rolls of the first national 2 euro commemorative coin from Malta. This coin is the first in a series of 5 and commemorates the first elected representatives of the 1849. The coin was first issued in October in a BU set - today 28th November 2011, rolls and proof coins were released. The response by the public was enormous, most of the people to enter the bank had to wait longer than 6 hours. At the first the bank said that it was limiting the number of rolls and proof coins to 5 but since the turn out of people was huge it had limited the items to just 2 of each. In few hours all the proof coins were sold out and by the time the bank closed all the rolls were sold out with lot of people finished disappointed as didn't manage to get a roll even though they had queued for more than 6 hours



On the local news just announced that only 66,000 coins were made available to the public, all the rest were sold to dealers from around Europe.




Chronology of the Day

27th November, 22:00 : since one hour people are queueing up - so far 40 people waitng.
some are leaving, more and more are coming slowly ...

28th November, 3:00 : around 80 people are already in the queue. police comes to tell the people not to wait in front of the centralbank. the queue moves and comes back around 5

5:00 : around 120 people in the queue.

6:00 : lot of people arrive around 250 people waiting

8:00 : 500 people waiting and then lot of people started to come

9:45 : First people started to go into the central bank. Before it was said per person 5 pieces each (rolls and Proof), around 3:00 am some people said 3 pieces (this information should have been from sunday noon). before opening the bank lowered the quantity to 2 pieces each. Selling went on very slowly. some people had to present their ID-card.

11:00 : Proof sets are sold out. Around 250-300 people got served so far.

15:45 : Rolls sold out. Around 1500-2000 people served.



Current Market Price for 1 Roll*

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||                              28.NOV.2011 | €280

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||                          03.DEC.2011  | €300

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||                          04.DEC.2011  | €300

* Prices are taken from eBAY and are approximates - they exclude shipping costs





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Comment by Johny on November 28, 2011 at 17:30

nice pic .... business people .... :DDDDD

Comment by Stephane on November 28, 2011 at 17:28
all rolls sold out in 1 day, wow
430 000 coins: which lead to 17 200 rolls..........
Comment by Hugo Vieira on November 28, 2011 at 17:16

Amazing :)

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