Need an overview on all 2 euro commemorative coins 2019?

Please find a list of all 2 euro commemorative coins that are issued and will be issued in 2019.

Please if you have any additions, let me know in this discussion and I'll add it ;-)

Finale of the World Cup Alpine Skiing

Issue date: March 2019

Consell de la Terra

Issue date: 11 November 2019

450th Death Anniversary Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Issue date: February 2019 (Proof) - March 2019 (BU FDC Coincard only)

25 years EMI

Issue date: May 2019 (Proof and BU FDC Coincard)


Estonian Song Festival

Issue date: June 2019

100 years University of Tartu

Issue date: 25 November 2019


100 years Constitution

Issue date: later in 2019


60 years Asterix

Issue date: June 2019 (BE Proof and BU FDC Coincard in 3 versions)

30 years Fall of the Berlin Wall

Issue date: 10 October 2019 (UNC, BU FDC Coincard and BE Proof)

70 years Bundesrat Berlin

Issue date: January 2019

30 years Fall of the Berlin Wall

Issue date: 10 October 2019

100th Death Anniversary of Manolis Andronikos

Issue date: July 2019

150th Death Anniversary of Andreas Kalvos

Issue date: July 2019


100 years Dáil Éireann

Issue date: February 2019

500th Death Anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinci

Issue date: February 2019 (Proof) - 12 August 2019 (UNC)


Coat of Arms of Latvia - Rising Sun

Issue date: 17 September 2019


Sutartines Folk Songs

Issue date: 10 July 2019

Zemaitija Region

Issue date: 10 September 2019


100th Anniversary Acession to the Throne Grand Duchess Charlotte

Issue date: December 2018 (limited quantity) - June 2019 (UNC out of rolls)

100 years Universal Suffrage

Issue date: September 2019 (limited quantity) - December 2019 (UNC out of rolls)


Ta‘ Hagrat Temple

Issue date: 22 July 2019

From Children with Solidarity: Nature and Environment

Issue date: 21 October 2019


200th Death Anniversary of Honoré IV of Monaco

Issue date: September 2019


500 years Voyage around the World of Ferdinand Magellan

Issue date: May 2019

600 years Discovery of Madeira

Issue date: June 2019

San Marino
500th Death Anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinci

Issue date: April 2019

550th Death Anniversary of Filippo Lippi

Issue date: 29 August 2019

100th Death Anniversary of Milan Rastislav Stefanik

Issue date: 6 May 2019

100 years University of Ljubljana

Issue date: later in 2019

City Wall of Ávila UNESCO World Heritage

Issue date: February 2019

Vatican City

90 years Vatican City

Issue date: May 2019

25 years Restoration of the Sistine Chapel

Issue date: 1 October 2019

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